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Book your Discovery Call

Ready to make a change but not sure where to start?


Book a free discovery call where we can explore your goals for coaching and understand how we could work together to achieve them. 

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  • Feeling stuck or have a specific decision or transition you're struggling to make? 


  • Don't feel your being your best self but not sure why and want to explore it in more detail?

Individual coaching hours are suited to those who want to be coached on a particular area and we need to devise a bespoke plan. It will:

  • Be solutions focussed

  • Leave you with a clear plan and clarity on what the issue is.

  • Open the door for further coaching if needed


Example topics could include making a specific career or life decision, preparing for a difficult conversation, exploring your current mindset or kickstarting action on something.


Individual Coaching (by the hour)

  • One 60-minute virtual coaching session* 

  • Discounted rate for a bundle of coaching sessions

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  • Want to better understand yourself to make clearer life or career choices?

  • Want to explore your mindset to be more effective or establish better balance?


The Discover programme is for those who want to reflect, explore and dig deeper to create an individual blueprint: 

  • Who you are & what motivates you

  • Values & Beliefs

  • Strengths & Skills

  • Mindset barriers


From this career or life goals can then be explored, with CV or interview support (if needed) to develop a clear plan to move forward. We'll also review progress to ensure you stay on your path.



Self-discovery & CV boost programme (6 sessions)

  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions* 

  • Access to "Coach in your Pocket" (tips, resources and contact) throughout

  • CV / Interview support if needed

  • Optional 30-minute follow up to review progress

  • Option to extend if more sessions are required

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  • Want to better understand yourself to make clearer life or career choices?

  • Want to upgrade and enhance your CV so it better represents you?

The Empower programme is for those who want to create an individual blueprint to explore:

  • Who you are & what motivates you

  • Values & Beliefs

  • Strengths & Skills

  • Mindset barriers


From this we will review and improve your CV aligned to your blueprint and discuss career goals. 



Self-discovery & CV lite programme (3 sessions)

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions* 

  • CV review and interview support

  • Access to "Coach in your Pocket" throughout the programme (tips, resources and contact)​

  • Option to extend if more sessions are required

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Parental Transitions

  • Preparing for Parental Leave and want to feel calm and in control? 


  • Want to feel supported with keeping in touch points, return decisions and setting boundaries?

Parental Transitions is a comprehensive 4 session package to help you feel confident, clear and in control.  Sessions cover:

  • Before Leave: Plan your transition and keeping in touch approach to feel calm and in control.​

  • During Leave: Review how your leave is going, explore return-to-work options, practicalities and your mindset.

  • Prepare to Return: Firm up return plans, tackle anxieties and set reintegration goals.

  • Post-Return: Reflect on your return, build confidence, identity and reframe career goals.

4 Parental Leave Coaching Sessions

  • Four 90-minute coaching sessions*

  • Sessions phased across your parental leave

  • Access to "Coach in your Pocket" throughout the programme (tips, resources and contact)

  • CV / Interview support if needed

  • Option to continue at discounted rate

Legs running to maintain momentum


Like having a gym membership or recurring beauty appointment, why not make a regular investment in yourself, your mindset and your future with a monthly Coaching membership?

The Momentum programme is well suited for those who understand the benefits of coaching and value the time to regularly pause, reflect and reframe.

This programme works particularly well for those who have completed a previous coaching programme and want to maintain the Momentum they've created through regular coaching.

 Monthly Coaching Session to keep on track

  • One 60-minute coaching session* per month​


  • Access to "Coach in your Pocket" throughout the programme (tips, resources and contact)​

  • Discounted rate for if completed a previous coaching programmes

CV being completed

CV Audit

  • Is your CV out of date but you don't know where to start with updating it?

  • Applying for roles and never getting past the CV screen?

With 20+ years in HR supporting people with their career development I can help you to enhance your CV.


Your personalised CV audit will help to:

  • Identify what's not working with your CV

  • Suggest practical ways to format your to CV stand out

  • Help you identify the relevant skills to call out

  • Help you craft a powerful profile to grab recruiter attention

Personalised CV review & tips to enhance

  • Personalised review of your CV​

  • One 60-minute CV feedback call

  • Practical suggestions on how to enhance​

  • Further review once you've made updates

  • Discounted rate to convert to coaching sessions

Coaching Programmes

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