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Juggle Work & Family like a Pro

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"This is such a valuable guide, it's given me useful tips which make me feel more relaxed, organised and in control" - LF 

Master the art of balancing work & family 

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✔ Do you know who you are and what you really want?

✔ Are you clear what drives you and what gives you purpose?


✔ Do you know your strengths and what holds you back?

✔ Are your life or work choices aligned to this?


It's easy to get swept along with life and work, doing the do, juggling competing priorities and just getting through the week. But is that the life you really want?

Are you being your best self?


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Instant access self-paced PDF toolkits as a taster to exploring coaching further.

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Book a free 30-min call to see how 1:1 coaching can help you discover and unlock your best self.

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3 or 6 coaching sessions to explore identity,  values, purpose & strengths to shape goals.

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Book a CV audit, with feedback session and

a further review post changes.

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4 Steps to Unlock your Best Self

Suz Allen

Why me?

  • Unique Coaching & HR skills blend with 20yrs in HR

  • Corporate experience - I understand the  complexity​ (and the juggle!)

  • Highly qualified:

    • ICF ACC accredited & AOEC Executive Coach

    • NLP Practitioner

    • CIPD Advanced HR Diploma​​​

  • Trauma Informed, Mental Health aware & a trainee Counsellor.

  • Professional Memberships: ICF & AC 

  • Experience preparing for and navigating maternity leave, managing burnout and creating work/life boundaries.

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Stop getting swept along with your life or career 

Understand who you are, what you want and how to get it

Instant access
✔ Tried and tested tips
✔ Free To-do template
✔ Free Weekly Planner template

 Exclusive offers and discounts

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