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Finding your "Why"?

Updated: May 13

Feeling stuck or trapped in a cycle you know is no good for you but don’t know what to do about it?

Post it notes saying “why”

Going through the motions each week, living for the weekend, surviving rather than thriving?

I know I was and it was affecting so many aspects of my life…..The weekend was never long enough to replenish what the week was taking out of me. I wasn’t enjoying or appreciating what was around me, and I basically felt like I was waiting to retire just to feel I could give myself a break….

Then one day I realised something HAD to change. This wasn't me and I wanted more than just continuing on a spin cycle to retirement. My family, my friends, my colleagues all deserved more from me. So with the help of a fantastic coach, I decided to regain control, to put life into focus and get back to being me. It took vulnerability, openness and a clear goal to work towards but life is SO much better because of it.

Why am I sharing this?..... Well because looking back, the hardest part was being stuck in my own head overanalysing what asking for help said about me. I'd always been the person other people came to for advice. But, it was a defining moment and I had three realisations I now anchor my coaching around....

  1. Growth is uncomfortable

  2. You can choose to evolve or repeat

  3. You can't move forward without taking a step

Rather than focusing on what I didn’t want, I switched my thinking to visualise and work towards what I DID want and crucially the “why.” That gave me purpose, it gave me something to evaluate against so I could then make better choices in pursuit of my goals driven by that "why." Without a "why" how do you have the stamina to stay the course when life gets in the way?

If this sounds familiar and you need space to understand your “why” and develop a way forward then get in touch to explore how coaching can help. My coaching packages can also be booked below.

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