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Wear the Perfume - Embrace your confidence

Updated: May 13

How to embrace your confidence one spritz at a time. 

A woman spraying perfume on her wrist

Your days may feel like a whirlwind of meetings, deadlines, and juggling home or family. Amidst the chaos, it’s easy to forget about yourself, to question if you’re good enough, if you’re doing enough or even if you’re worth it. Sound familiar?

It’s no wonder, as according to a Peanut 2023 survey of UK mothers:

  • 96% expect to have to put themselves last

  • 93% feel under appreciated or unnoticed

  • 72% feel invisible

It got me thinking about a ritual I used to go through every morning..... Each morning I’d open my bathroom cabinet and see my favourite perfume perched on the top shelf. It was a beautiful ornate bottle hidden behind various others. I’d find myself gazing at it for a good few minutes every morning, procrastinating, feeling stuck and having an internal dialogue about whether I should wear it or not. It went like this...

  • Should I use it or save it? If it runs out, can I justify buying more?

  • What’s happening today? Am I doing anything special, or is it an average day?

  • Who am I seeing? Do I need to impress?

This monologue would go on in my head until eventually I get to the crux of it all....Am I worth it? Now that’s the real question... .

Some days I decided I was and would happily spritz away, other days I wasn’t and closed the cabinet. What I realise now is that it was never about the perfume, it was about my mindset, a mindset that so many people can probably relate to.

Should I use it? If I used it and ran out, would I justify it to myself to buy more? As the 2023 Peanut survey showed, so often busy mums in particular self-sacrifice and put their needs last, shopping for the kids but not for themselves, prioritising others but deprioritising their own needs. Not using it was actually protecting me from having to deprioritise myself all over again.

Is something happening today? I was looking for validation, someone else to provide the justification. Why? Well because if I’m seeing someone, or doing something, then it justifies it, it becomes worth it. If I’m not then it’s back to deprioritising myself and overlooking my own wants and needs.

I realised how much of a passenger I’d become in my own life - people pleasing, easily swayed by what others thought, it was like I was on autopilot. What about the simplicity of whether I felt worth it, whether I wanted to wear it whether I left the house or not. And that was the moment things changed.

From that point on, that single spritz of perfume, was also a spritz of confidence, of empowerment, of self-belief and self-validation. It was like spraying on a coat of armour that said I am worth it, I’ve always been worth it, and I will forever be worth it....

Wearing the perfume, is a metaphor for doing things that make YOU feel good from the inside out, and doing them for YOU rather than for anyone else. It could be your favourite lipstick, your favourite jacket, your favourite shoes it doesn't matter. It’s about reclaiming your identity, it’s about embracing all that you bring to those around you, it’s about having a voice, a preference, a point of view.

So go forth, wear the perfume, spritz on that confidence, prioritise your needs, embrace your power, and conquer the world, one scented step at a time.

And if you need help to explore what gives you confidence and self-belief then check out my coaching programmes or book a discovery call to find out more.

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